My heart behind The Christian Travel Club:


I believe Christian Travel Club was an idea sparked in my heart by God Himself when I was in Israel in February of 2019. The idea of traveling with like-minded Christians who love to travel, have a heart for prayer and the lost and also love the idea of making a difference all at the same time, excites my heart!  I am looking for people with the gift of intercessory prayer and the gift of prophecy to join us to speak the heart of God into the atmosphere in every country we visit.  This is the primary mission, but it will be mixed with lots of sightseeing and unique experiences, like cooking classes and wine tastings, depending on the destination. If possible, I will make arrangements to meet up with a local missionary to help them with a service project or to help minister to the local people in some useful way.  


Just FYI, this is not meant to be a “bargain-basement” trip, but rather a trip of a Lifetime!  The goal is to keep the price around $3500-$4500 pp (including airfare), however, some destinations are more expensive than others and airfare can be crazy! We will be staying at 4-5 star properties, depending on the destination, with private guides and transportation. The group size may vary, but the plan is to keep it to a max of 30 people per trip.  The goal is to have about 6-8 trips planned per year, each to a different location and each for different groups of people. For example, there will be family trips that will include kids ages 12 and older, family trips with small children (these will be less expensive (but still very nice), relaxing beach vacations for young parents who REALLY need to get away!), couples trips and ladies trips. These trips may be ocean cruises, river cruises or ski trips. Hopefully there will be something for everyone. 


Overall, my prayer for the group is for everyone to meet new lifelong, “iron sharpening iron” (Prov. 27:17) kinds of friends, have lots of laughs, enjoy fabulous experiences and awesome food and, in the process, make a difference for the Kingdom of God as we travel the world together. May Jesus be glorified in all that we do as a group! 


As you can see, there are no trips posted yet. That is because there needs to be a group first! If this concept excites your heart, please fill out the Request For Membership form. As people begin to sign up, I will personally talk to each person to get a feel for where everyone wants to go and what type of trip is of interest and then I will put a trip together and post it. Once it posts, it will remain open for a certain amount of time or until it fills. Some places that excite me are a Greek Isle cruise, Egypt, Israel (again! Lol), Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Italy, Northern European cruise, including St Petersburg, Russia, Ireland, Scotland and England and more. Where do you want to go??